Welcome Packs & Villaging Well

Most children enter foster care with very few belongings, if any at all. This has been true for almost every child our founders have brought into their home. We hope to alleviate some of the stress that comes with those first days by providing the critical resources to aid in a healthy transition for children in crisis and the families caring for them. 

This is where our village steps in.

With new donations from local individuals and businesses we are able to store and quickly gather welcome packs to deliver to families within a short amount of time with the help of our sensitivity-trained volunteers. Inside these welcome packs are basic necessities as well as comfort items to get a child through the first few days depending on their ages.

But it does much more for us as a village. It's a chance to show up on a porch and in a real, tangible way remind a foster family that others are showing up for them. Over time we see these welcome packs being a catalyst into deepening connections with other foster families by getting them into our communication network while providing more opportunities for volunteers to wrap around them by villaging well through many different avenues.  

These basic necessities are also available to children when reunifying with biological parents who have worked to restore their family and kinship homes caring for the children of family or friends. Our hope is that by making these items readily available, children in our community will have a better chance at stability and appropriate care.

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To sustain our program, we will need financial partners SUPPORTING THESE tangible resources