Becky Santoro: Becky, along with her husband Tony and two young biological daughters, entered the world of foster care in the summer of 2016. An hour after receiving the news that they were fully licensed they got a call for their foster daughter. Almost two years later, they have the privilege of calling her their forever daughter and a year later, they welcomed her brother to join their family as well. Through their journey as foster parents, they experienced the emotional rollercoaster as they worked to co-parent with their daughter’s biological family inside a broken system. As former Title One teachers, they’ve been passionate to be mindful of the context in which kids enter care and have worked to build awareness and strength to the community around them. Their family has been marked with many individuals that care deeply for them as they navigate the waves of foster care.  Their desire is to help provide the bridge for other foster/kinship families in getting connected and rooted into support as they continue to love and care for our foster children.

Traci Prillaman: Traci and her family were introduced to the needs of the foster care community after they became a licensed foster home in early 2014.  This ignited a God-given passion to serve families and vulnerable children affected by foster care, children who are often invisible in our society.  Traci and her husband Brad are native Charlotteans and the parents of three young adult children.  Outside of ministry, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family at the lake.

Molly Zalewski: Molly became a single parent mom to two foster children in 2015.  She found herself struggling as she juggled a full-time career and parenthood for the first time.  Having no local family she learned first-hand the beauty of her community!   Co-workers, neighbors, and strangers consistently showed up with their loving hearts and helping hands.  They were the reason Molly was able to turn around the lives of two kids.  This experience taught her the value of serving foster parents so those parents can provide the best for their kids.   She believes her best service to foster children is to help the foster families- she learned from the best!

Sloan Crawford: Sloan and her husband Jamie were called into foster care after the adoption of their 3 precious girls. They invested time and energy into discerning the process and grew their support network to include a handful of foster parents who are now like family members. The village began. Their family has embraced many visiting children since 2016 and learned the importance of connecting with the bio family and communication with all members of a child's team within the system.  They believe community serves to include and support and they advocate strongly for the children. Sloan's first placement grew the family to 5 girls under the age of 4 so she's a big fan of coffee and a laundry fairy. 

Board of Directors

Zach Manis, Board President

Cheryl Bohlin, Board Member

Jane G. Clark, MPA, CPS; Board Secretary