A Home In-Between

Video of Foster Village Austin home-like resource center

When a child enters care, he/she leaves the only home they have known to join a home they've never seen. What happens next is a series of unknowns for all involved. But what if there was a place, a home-like haven that was a refugee during the in-between for all? A place where a child can go with their new foster/kindship family to play in the background, bake cookies with the staff, and pick out the things they need while the family learned about the resources in the area and have a place to process the overwhelming first few moments of having so many people involved in your every move? How might that breathe security and hope into the hearts of these precious children?

What if this place had land and space big enough where we could host foster/kinship support groups, classes, and events with a team of volunteers that have helped to continue to make the place conducive to the needs of the children they serve ?

Sometimes kids enter care in the middle of the night and a foster family might not be located for a few days and children have to stay at the social services offices, group homes, or hospitals. What if social workers had the ability to bring them here...to the home in-between? So they can take a bath, eat a good meal, sleep in a warm, safe bed, and gather the things they would like to take on their journey to a new home. 

We believe in the goal of reunification with a child's first family. What if this home could bring dignity and co-parenting opportunities to biological parents by allowing them to use the space for supervised visits instead of an office building? A chance to have a more neutral interaction with their children in a place where children can have positive memories of an environment welcoming to both sets of caregivers so they don't have to choose? How could this restore hope and love to the families working hard to reunify with their children? 

That's the dream. The big dream. It's going to take a lot of money, time, and resources to turn it into reality but it's worth it and the results will be revolutionary. If you know of individuals with the skill set and means to help us make this into a reality, and you value these ideas, let's chat. info@fostervillagecharlotte.org.