I’m a foster parent in need of support. How can I get plugged in?
You are why we are here- we look forward to supporting you! For specific tangible requests due to a new emergency placement, fill out the Request Form and we will get back to you within 12 hours. If you are not looking for tangible support but are in need of connection with other foster families and learn more the events we have to walk the fostering journey with you, please fill out the Connection Form. We host quarterly Coffee Chats to get to know new families to our Village as well as have a variety of events we’d love to tell you about including support groups, Parents Night Out events, Foster Family Meet Ups, and trainings.

I have NEW items I’d like to donate- now what?
Thank you for thinking of Foster Village Charlotte for your new donations! We keep an updated list of items we are accepting HERE. We also have a running list of larger emergency needs that arise frequently HERE. Please note that we only accept new clothing, hygiene, toys, and book donations. As an option for gently used items we have created a community Facebook group for non-foster families and fostering families called Foster Village Charlotte Swap where folks can post items to donate to members of our fostering network. This way it will go directly to a foster family! Not on Facebook? Learn other ways to give gently used items HERE.

Do you accept any gently used items?

When inventory is low and we have physical space, we accept quality baby gear, strollers, carseats, cribs, and bed frames. To inquire about a gently used donation please email us at

We’d like to host a donation drive for new items- what are your most needed items?
Wonderful, thank you! We keep an updated list of the items we are needing HERE or download are welcome pack tags and fill up some packs! We can provide you with any promotional materials and customized lists that you can share as well. Let us know you are interested in hosting a drive HERE.

How do I volunteer?
We love our volunteers! They are what keep this village going! Please check out our current list of volunteer opportunities and our volunteer form HERE. After the form is filled out you’ll received directions to fill out our background check and then we will schedule for you to attend our orientation and training.

We need a Foster Village in our city/town- how can we start one?
We are the first officiate affiliates with Foster Village Inc. They have an Affiliate Program that allows other cities to replicate the Foster Village model and materials. To check out their other locations and application process, please visit

I’m interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent- now what?
A willingness to learn more is the best place to start! We recommend researching your local child placement agencies and attending orientations to get a feel for which agency is the best fit. Recommendations from current foster parents is a great place to start! Many of our volunteers start with us as a way to get a better feel for what it’s like to be a foster family and later go on to get licensed- So volunteering is a great first step as well. Check out our list of resources to help you get started HERE.

Where are you located?
We have signed a lease to our first home in the Oakhurst Neighborhood! We have had four unpaid volunteer cofounders meeting across kitchen tables and coffee shops saving pennies and we’re so grateful that it allowed us to have physical space so soon as an emerging nonprofit thanks to our donors. Our tangible resources are held in four storage units across the city and we’ll have inventory at our Foster Village Charlotte Resource Center as well.

What is your greatest need?
Great question! Our organization is completely funded by individual donors and grants we’ve received. Our goal is to meet the many emergency needs that come our way quickly and efficiently and then sustain a foster family throughout their journey with emotional support through trainings, support groups, and classes. When the community contributes financial donations, however big or small, it allows us to continue meeting these urgent needs as well as utilize childcare and programs that help a foster family maintain emotional and mental health. Visit HERE to make an online donation or to become a Monthly Partner. 

Can someone from Foster Village come and speak at our (company, business, school, church, workout community, etc)?
Yes, we’d love to build awareness about foster care and how YOUR village can support OUR village! Please shoot us an email telling us a little about your event to We also love to come and do Lunch and Learns to engage your organization.

Our business is interested in being a support to our local foster care community- what are some ways to do this?
We are so grateful for businesses like yours! There are several partnership opportunities to show your support for our community’s most vulnerable. Please fill out our form HERE and we will discuss the ways we can grow the village together.